About Me

As I said before, I am Meg.
Let me tell you a bit (just a bit) about myself. After all, we all like to be a little bit stalker-ish ;) .

My name is Meg. I'm 24. I'm not living in the USA right now, and I'm ok with that. I work for a very well known website! I'd love to tell you which one, but I can't. It's a weird contract thing I never understood (of course my family and friends know! I just can't put it on a public website or any social media). It's a fun job, keeps me busy (the good kind of busy), with nice people and lots of coffee available. I really love it and I feel so lucky about having that job. I live by myself in a tiny but cute apartment, which I've decorated in my own style and that's a very cool thing. It means I can stick things to the walls with tape at any time, I can have neon pillows on the sofa, and all those fun things. I'd love to have a cat, but the building I live in has a no-animals policy. I love messing around with my hair from time to time (after all, is just hair and it grows back), thankfully my boss just looks at me, laughs and says "you.are.insane". It's fun, I'll have plenty of stories and pictures for my kids. Maybe I should dye it blue one of these days.
I don't have any tattoos. They scare me. I don't know if I can bear with the thought of having something with me for my entire life. But I love the way they look and I would love to have one, but I can't seem to shake the "bad feeling" away. I love reading and I'm passionate about it. I love movies. I don't smoke. I love sleeping more than I'd like to admit. Guilty pleasures, after all.
I love travelling. If I could I would spend my life on a plane, from place to place. I've been very blessed with a family that loves to travel too, so I've seen some very cool places while growing up, and I'm so thankful I learnt to embrace that from a young age. It's one of the most amazing things a man can do: travel. The world is so big and full of things and I'm so curious.

I wish I was curious in the Albert Einstein-way. That man's curiosity was pretty bad-ass!!!

Are you as curious as Albert? ;)

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