About New Beginnings

Hello the internet, I'm Meg.
You know you've reached a "certain point in life" (I have no idea what that is supposed to mean) when you are sitting in the back of a friend's car and you think "man, maybe I should start a blog". You don't know why, but the thought of it just punches you in the face.
Maybe it's because of the new beginnings.
I've been through a lot of changes recently. The main reason, a break up. You know, you get together with this cool, cute, adorable, amazing guy, you think you are going to be together forever because things are so awesome, and then one day, you just say goodbye and you never see each other again. We dated for four years and a few months and we truly believed that that was it, we were going to be together forever. It made sense. We both felt that way. But things got strange, feelings got weird and it ended. It's hard to write honestly about those huge things, and it's still feels harsh. It's still kind of a body-ache. But I'll tell you about it another time, pinky swear.
Two months after the big break-up event, I'm here, writing to you. The main reason behind this blog is because I believe we all have something to say. Life is wonderful, and scary, and tough, and crazy and drop dead awesome, and a lot of things happen to us. Every one of us. And I want to be able to share that with you. I want to tell someone my story. I don't want to be a preacher or someone who "knows the only truth", because that's insane. I just want to share my story with you, it's something that today feels right. It's about the new beginning I was telling you about.
When big things happen in life, you just start feeling everything shifting and taking new perspectives. After two months I still feel that and see it right in front of my eyes. And I need to write it down. I need to see my journey through all of this.

So it begins here. Today. While I'm writing to you wearing slippers. I want to tell you everything that happens to me and/or crosses my mind. Maybe songs, and poems, books, movies, and cool things I find along the way. I'll try not to bore you to death.

And if we talk about starting things, of course, we talk about coffee.


I hope you enjoy joining my journey,

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